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RACING:  I started off racing with some hometown teams for a few years. Then I made my way to the OTSFF Team with Teammates Iain Hayden and Lee Butler along with Peter Raymer and Mike Vandolder racing for Arctic Cat. During this time I took multiple National Titles. Then I moved to race for Team Arctic Cat in the USA for 3 seasons racing with Ryan Simons, Corey Davis, Logan Christen, DJ Ekre, and Matt Picher as my teammates through the US tour. I also would come back to Canada and Race with Team Shorline for the 3 years with Cody and Corey Watkinson. Through out this time I had many people involved with my racing, but the two people that have been with me since day one and are still there to help and support are James Farrington and Jimmy Burton along with my family as well. I then took two winters off and I am now back mentoring young women in the sport, and teaming up with Renee Laurin for her first year of racing. I am looking forward to working with her and I am working towards achieving my 8th Canadian National Title.  I had a lot of support and mentors through out my racing and I feel its very important to give to the sport and others.

HOBBIES: Jet Ski Racing, Water Skiing, Wake Surfing, Fishing, Hunting,  enjoying cottage life with friends and family

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT IN RACING: In 2006 winning the WPSA Women’s Championship for Arctic Cat and Christine Brothers Racing, also in the same year winning the CSRA Pro Women’s National Championship for RJ Motorsports and OTSFF. I was rider of the year in WPSA. I had the change to race Title of the Nations in Sweden with teammates Robbie Malinoski and Brett Turcotte. Taking a 3rd in the


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